“Barely graduating high school, I was working at a retail store earning $8 an hour. In this industry you have weird schedules, long hours, and when I wanted to leave I had to tell them months in advance to get any time off! At that moment I realized someone else had control of my life. Being in relationship marketing for over 14 years now, it helped me fire my boss and have complete control of my life!” – Toan

“At an early age I went through a lot of trials and tribulations that forced me to grow up fast. I pursued the traditional route of attending college and found myself working in the accounting field. Working for a reputable company I witnessed upper management’s lack of compassion for their employees. This utter disregard for people in corporate America drove me to look for something more, something that gave me life purpose. I found the relationship marketing industry over 10 years ago and because of this industry, i’ve been able to retire my mom as well as become financially independent.” -Van

We fell in love with the movement behind Wor(l)d GN, giving people ultra awareness to their health and wellbeing. Not only it continues to allow us the opportunity to be stay-at-home parents but to fulfill our life long dream to help over 1000 others become stay-at-home parents as well!

Toan & Van Nguyen

Grand Presidents

Nervous about something new but anxious about the possibilities, Taulia Lave often know as “T” and Stacy Iosua came over to World Global Network and has achieved the rank of Presidents.

Taulia joined the industry 10 years ago and had his share of struggles along with the successes as an entrepreneur. The industry has allowed Taulia to leave his career as a former law enforcement officer. Stacy is a full time mom and an Esthetician.

“I was able to speak with the companies top leadership and I wanted to know their hearts. I wanted to know that the people that come into this company have a real shot at making their mark in the network marketing arena.

I wanted to know that everyone is playing by the same set of rules, I wanted to know who they were and I realized that they were WORLD CHANGERS! ”

Taulia is of Samoan decent from the islands of Hawaii and was taught that through hard work and dedication and a whole lot of fun, anything is possible. Samoans are known as the HAPPY PEOPLE and Taulia epitomizes that with his saying, “keep it fun, keep it simple, and always keep it real.”

Taulia Lave & Stacy Iosua


I am a 53 year old divorced dad and have 2 great kids Amanda and Matthew.
I have worked since the age 13 and when I went through a separation from a 25 year marriage a year after I started my own communication business I was at an all-time low. Though I had a good support system and met a lovely woman in 2013 there was a hole in my life.

I worked my business with a lot of hours and effort to moderate success and then at the end of 2016 I was introduced to World by a dear friend and I saw the vision World had and I jumped right in.

I am new to network marketing so I really didn’t know what to expect. After a slow start my business picked up along with my own personal development. One of the reasons was being coachable which I needed being a newbie to the industry.

World has fulfilled an empty space I had with all the positivity and being around like minded motivated people along with financial gain. I have made lifelong friends which is more valuable than I can put into words.

Rodney Cahow

Grand Diamond

My background for 27 years was in retail management where I definitely traded time for money. Because of this industry of network marketing, I was able to walk away from retail and work from home the last 3 years.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned to recognize opportunity. My short experience here at Wor(l)d the few months has been beyond amazing. The technology of the Helo, simplicity of the business, compensation plan, and most of all the timing, will allow anyone to win. It is truly taking my family and I to a whole new level in this industry.

Leila Maddela


World Global Network has given me passion about this industry again. I have a
background in Automobile Sales and Marketing and was just simply exhausted. There’s so much to learn and we are forever evolving with the times.

I would say the key ingredient for me with this company is the leadership. It’s given me a chance to believe that there are people out there that want to succeed at this business just like I do and at all levels! That excited me! The Helo is so revolutionary that it feels good to hear people give you feedback about the product and then ask about the opportunity without hearing the opportunity first! That’s what World Global Network has done for me, given me the ability to KNOW if I just buckle down and hustle we will ALL BE rewarded more than we could all imagine! I love it!

John Forston


My name is Sara Turner from the Houston, TX area. My background consists of owning my own trendy, boutique and having over 23 years in the real estate industry, particularly new home sales with builders and developers. This industry is ruthless with no time freedom as I often work 7 days a week, definitely every weekend, every evening and holidays at 100% commissioned sales with no control of my time. It is normally not easy to make a career change later in life for anyone. But what the HELO provided for me was a product or opportunity easily shared through a smartphone or social media making this completely doable for the average busy lifestyle.

Honestly it doesn’t feel like I’m working, it feels like I’m sharing new technology that literally everyone can benefit from! What’s mind blowing is that without my direct involvement, my business is growing and creating weekly income while I maintain my family, kid responsibilities and financial commitments.

Sara Turner


I am 47 years old and a widow dad of three great kids. I grew up and lived in a very small from town in Texas where I was a cop for 15 years. After the passing of my wife I started up a Lawncare/landscaping business and have been doing that for about 10 years now. I needed to be both daddy and mommy for the kids so I has to earn money while still having time freedom.

The industry has allowed another stream of income for my family and WorldGN and the Helo has made working this business and introducing the product a very simple process. I feel that with WorIdGN I am on my way to creating true financial freedom for the first time in my life, and that I am leaving a legacy for my kids.

Lance Lambert


Being an Entrepreneur for 13 years has been the greatest adventure of my life.
I have had three other businesses that were engaging, somewhat successful, and a challenge! I made hundreds of great friends along the way and learned more about myself than I had ever dreamed possible.

When I got started in World, January 2017 I knew this would be the best decision of my life. Everything made perfect sense, and I was ready to RUN.

Everyday I followed the system, focused on the positives, recruited like crazy, developed new friendships, and did my best to lead by example.

I feel truly blessed by God to have been able to be here at the beginning, and to now have new friendships that mean more to me that the money. I am obsessed with helping this team win as I have.

Our team will help HUNDREDS of people become a Diamond here. It is my mission, and I love it every day.

Seth Remis


Freddie and Alyssa are ecstatic to be partnered with such a powerhouse and before trend company. When they were first introduced in January 2017, they knew they had to help bring this tech product to market.

Prior to Wor(l)d, Freddie and Alyssa ran a global anti-business for three years and found much success. However, what took them 14 months to achieve in anti-aging took them only 14 weeks to achieve in the tech space. Talk about right place & right time.

Outside of their entrepreneurial endeavors, Freddie has had success in the entertainment industry. Most notably portraying Sonny Kiriakis on NBC’s ‘Days Of Our Lives’ which he also won an Emmy for in 2015.

Together this couple is ready to partner with this incredible team for #WorldDomination.

Freddie Smith and Alyssa Tabit


Being a single mom and busy business woman, I took a leap into network marketing 5 years ago because I liked the idea of having a Plan B. Earning extra income part time, spare time.
What I ended up falling in love with was the ability to grow and develop personally and to truly help others do the same. The industry allowed me realize my purpose and passion in life was to motivate and inspire others.

At World Global Network, the leadership is focused on helping so many win. Since joining in December 2016, I have enjoyed being a part of an organization that wants to impact and revolutionize the industry and make a movement around the world. The ability to grow our business through technology has been a blessing. I have valuable and precious time to give back to my family. I am excited to help others as we embark on this ground level opportunity. The future is bright.

Sheila Coleman